Tuesday, June 20, 2006

List of researchers/centres active in Computational Intelligence and Games

I thought a list of researchers and research centres working in the field of Computational Intelligence and Games (CIG) would be a useful resource to people like myself. For a definition of CIG, see the eponymous conference series; in short, it's about applying techniques such as evolutionary computation, reinforcement learning and neural networks to computer games, like strategy games, shooters, platformers, driving games and board games.

The format of the list would be the institution (university, company etc.), followed by a list of relevant researchers (those who spend a significant amount of their time on CIG research), and possibly a few words about what the topics of research are. The list is meant to be continuously updated: I am fully aware it is far from complete at the moment, so please help me expand it by posting additions and corrections to the list in the comments below! This post will then be updated as additions come in.

Brandeis University: Jordan Pollack. Co-evolution, theory, backgammon.

Natural Selection, inc.: David Fogel. Evolution, board games.

University of Essex: Simon Lucas, Julian Togelius. Neuroevolution, board games, Pac-man, car racing.

University of Iceland: Thomas P. Runarsson. Evolution, reinforcement learning, board games.

University of Nevada, Reno: Sushil J. Louis. Evolution, strategy games.

University of Paisley: Benoit Chaperot, Colin Fyfe. Motocross racing.

University of Pretoria: Andries P. Engelbrecht. Particle swarm optimization, board games.

University of Southern Denmark: Henrik Hautop Lund, Georgios N. Yannakakis. Player modeling, Pac-man.

University of Texas, Austin: Bobby Bryant, Risto Miikkulainen. Neuroevolution, strategy games.

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