Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Back from Hawaii, back to reality...

Finally, my first "normal" day since coming back. That is, I plan to spend most of my day in the lab... reviewing some papers for CEC, answering some mails, and starting to write my thesis.

Yes, that's right. The plan is to start writing my PhD thesis. Today. So maybe it's not that normal a day after all. Further, according to the plan, I will hand in my thesis in June and have a viva in September. It's not impossible, I believe.

The IEEE Symposium Series on Computational Intelligence was a good event from a scientific perspective, and an excellent one from a networking perspective. I spent plenty of time drinking cocktails with Games and ALife people, discussing research ideas and completely unrelated stuff.

After the conference we spent a few more days in Hawaii, and me and Hugo went on to do some touristing in San Francisco. Fantastic city, indeed.

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