Friday, October 19, 2007

A task force and an interview

More games-related news today. The IEEE Computational Intelligence Society has just spawned a Task Force on Computational Intelligence in Video Games, chaired by Ken Stanley (of NERO and NEAT fame) and which I am an inaugural member of. From the mission statement:

"We are aiming to become a repository of information on CI in video games, a networking resource for those in the field, and the spearhead for initiatives in the area. We will also attempt to bridge academia and industry by including members from both. Thus ideally we can become a focal point for discussion and action that will facilitate further progress in the field."

This is a very good initiative in my opinion, and being backed by a such a powerful organisation as the IEEE is certainly not bad. As the web site is only just up, the member list is far from complete yet. The task force is looking for information on interesting research groups and projects, so if you want your project featured, contact them!

Over at Alex J. Champandard's blog, "Game AI for Developers", we find an interview with none other than yours truly. Personally, I think it's an interesting read, of course... Thanks for the opportunity, Alex!

One of the things I suggest in the interview is that game developers initiate contacts with academic researchers interested in CI in games. The above mentioned task force could come in very handy for such purposes, as soon as the member list is expanded to include everyone who should be there!

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