Thursday, March 22, 2007

Most impressive game AI?

I have the feeling that when developers make the effort to put really sophisticated AI into a game, gamers frequently just don't notice (see e.g. Forza). Conversely, games that are lauded for their fantastic AI are sometimes based on very simple algorithms (e.g. Halo 1). For someone who wants to apply AI to games, it is very interesting to know what AI is really appreciated. So, what is the most impressive game AI you have come across? Have you ever encountered a situation where it really felt like the computer-controlled opponents were really thinking, that there were "someone in there"?

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Anonymous said...

I thought FEAR had really great AI, with the flanking, and the taking cover, and the "arg the glass it cuts me!"...

But then I read Jeff Orkin's papers on how it actually works and most of their behaviours came about by accidental combinations of simple rules, for example, when they flank you, they're actually just trying to take cover in a really stupid way!

HL1 still takes the cake for me.