Monday, February 16, 2009

No privacy without piracy!

This slogan just appeared to me. I don't think I've seen it anywhere else.

The idea is that any method I've ever heard of for eradicating piracy, and indeed any conceivable method for doing so, build on also eradicating (or at least severely curtailing) privacy.

So if people start spreading this meme around, maybe the two issues (privacy and piracy) would become more linked in the general debate and in people's minds.

No privacy without piracy! You can't have one without the other.

Do you agree?


KiaKanpa said...

Great post - good idea. I run KiasWorld - a freedom and privacy based website, I have just done a blog post on some of the latest piracy cases ( - if you are interested) - Love the idea - and i shall forward it on.

Donny Viszneki said...

Insofar as a great deal of general computing freedom must be prohibited in these schemes, yes your privacy is also curtailed. No privacy without piracy! is certainly catchy sounding, but it saddens me to think that its advantage over the circulation of broader messages about restricting personal liberties may be deeper than the way it rolls off the tongue. Still, it concisely reminds that piracy is an inevitable consequence of freedom.

Buja said...

"No piracy without privacy" would be a broader slogan, don't you think? Because piracy is possible due to privacy, but privacy is possible dispite piracy.