Saturday, March 28, 2009

Simply unacceptable

Defamation of religion is now a violation of human rights. I'd love to be able to just laugh at this, but it's far too serious to to be a laughing matter. Actually, just reading this fills me with primitive and undignified anger.

For the record, I don't consider any religion worthy of any sort of respect or protection. On the contrary, I think an enlightened and modern society should work towards harm reduction and possibly eventual elimination of religion with peaceful and rights-respecting means, similarly to how most western countries counteract tobacco smoking and its harmful effects.

(Thanks to Shane.)


Matt said...

Amusingly, this means you can no longer diss the Jedi Knights as it became an officially recognised religion in the UK after the last cebsus there a few years ago.

I say Darth Vader was just misunderstood!

Donny Viszneki said...

My beliefs are offended by at least some of the sacred texts of every religion's scriptures I've had the pleasure of reading.

Would it have been too much Reuters to have included a link to the full text of the resolution? Where do you find this sort of thing?

Donny Viszneki said...

UNWatch ran this article about it on March 12th.